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From the first meeting we identify the necessary investment to achieve the monthly contacts and business budget.



We create your website or optimize the one you use today to achieve better results. Your business advertising will be on the air and available to attract new customers in approximately 10 business days.



We continually monitor advertising campaigns to make sure we are meeting our objectives. Every week we share a report that allows you to review our progress.



Throughout the life of your advertising campaigns we work to reduce the cost of acquiring a new client to increase the return on investment.

Who is it for?


Business owners who are already investing in Google Ads or want to start doing so


Marketing managers or advertising agencies who need advanced help to optimize their campaigns.

Advertising For Your Business in Google Ads


We register your Company in Google Maps

Through the App your customers will access your physical address, photographs and ratings / recommendations. With a single click they will obtain the exact route of your business.


We manage your Paid Advertising on Google

We will be committed to the continuous improvement of your paid campaigns, adequate optimization of your budgets. We will reach your potential consumers at the exact moment.


We strengthen your Organic Results on Google

Although the service is focused on paid management in Google. We will not lose sight of the SEO optimizations (Search Engine Optimization) that will strengthen your positioning.


We manage your Advertising on Youtube

Did you know that 79% of Internet users have a YouTube account, playing an average of 1,000 million hours of video daily. The video format will be very attractive to your clients.

Companies We've Helped

About the Specialists

Through our effective Google Ads management, your business will be directly in front of potential consumers at the exact moment they are looking for your service, product or information.

Ricardo is the driving force behind the success of Media Spearhead.

He has been in the industry for over 7 years and has an impressive track record of helping SMBs to grow their business and generate leads through ppc, google ads, and seo.

Ricardos management style emphasized collaboration with his team of 10+ professionals, enabling them to create customized solutions for each individual client.

As co-founder of the agency, Ricardo is passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential and maximize ROI from their digital marketing campaigns.

He has a wealth of experience in ppc, seo, websites and google ads that makes him a valuable asset for any company looking for an agency owner to take them to the next level.


Richard Lacayo

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Marketing Director / Media Spearhead

Robert Samayoa is a seasoned Google Ads expert and co-founder of Media Spearhead, a leading Google Ads agency. Having worked with clients from all four corners of the world in both English and Spanish, Robert is well-versed in navigating campaigns with maximum efficiency. Robert's extensive knowledge in this field has enabled him to create successful campaigns for many high profile businesses, including Fortune 500 companies. He excels at developing strategies that provide tangible results, such as increased sales and ROI.

His skills also extend to providing optimization recommendations that allow advertisers to capitalize on their ad spend by targeting relevant audiences. A true professional in every sense of the word, Robert is highly respected amongst his peers and colleagues due to his dedication to the craft. He is a driven individual who is constantly striving for better results and more success. Robert Samayoa is an invaluable asset to any organization that is looking to get the most out of their Google Ads campaigns. With his keen eye for detail and knowledge about the industry, he can help businesses reach their goals faster than ever before. Whether it's getting your business off the ground or scaling up existing operations, Robert Samayoa has proven time and time again that he is up for the task.

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Robert Samayoa

Marketing Director / Media Spearhead


We'll pick one person each month to design their website with hosting and domain included.

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*Restrictions apply

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